Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Red Canna - Gold Trim

by Georgia O'keeffe

Almond Branches in Bloom, San Remy, c.1890

Vincet Van Gogh


by Artstruggle

This is a medium size pastel on paper.It illustrates a dancer’s foot arched against a rough wall background.


by Artstruggle
Miniature oil on paper.
Original art size approximately 10.5cm x 9cm.
Traditional oil wash method.
Illustrates a sculptor at work in her studio.


by Artstruggle

This is a miniature oil on paper.

Hang a print of this above your bed to keep your mother guessing.
Show one to your husband to give him a clue too!

"Mandala Dust"

by funkyporchini

This very fine sand was part of a Beautiful sand mandala that some visiting Buddhist monks created over about a week, In Byron Bay, 2004. I documented the whole process and at the end of the ceremony most of the sand was scraped up and thrown into the sea. A few little packets were made up for people to take home. At normal vision the dust looks grey, but with a Macro lens , ( 60mm) the dust comes alive again with a kaleidescope of colour…


by Andrew Hildebrand

"Secret Journey"

by SnowDog
I started with a stock photo I purchased and then wanted to add just a little bit of magic to it.


By Antana

"elephantus Tarax. seminis flos"

by Martina Strobel
digital art – vector

"The City that never sleeps"

by Sharon A Henson
pen and ink

"Bring back the summer"

by Saron A Henson


by Calimero

oil on canvas

"Delphiniums and Cosmos"

by Calimero

oil on canvas

"Portrait of a Mermaid"

by Robin Pushe'e


By Martina Strobel

oil pastell


By Diana Calvario


The last fish

By Diana Calvario


By PNF Deb

"Virgin Mary and baby Jesus"

"Virgin Mary and baby Jesus" by my niece Pamela Holley

So ethereal, like coming out of the flame of love



Butterflies, so delicate...they seem to be ready to flutter away